Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions on 01/01/2013

- New Sunbrella® Fabrics: conventional 10-year limited warranty
- Sunbrella Plus, Sunbrella Supreme, Sunbrella Cushions, Seaguard and Sunworker: conventional 5-year limited warranty
- Surlast : conventional 3-year limited warranty

Dickson Constant warrants the rot-proof properties and colour fastness (4/5 minimum colour fastness under exposure to ultra-violet rays and bad weather conditions, according to the NF EN ISO 105 B04 standard – variations in shade over time are therefore limited) of its New Sunbrella fabrics for 10 years, of its Sunbrella Plus, Sunbrella Supreme, Sunbrella Cushions, Seaguard, and Sunworker for 5 years, and of its Surlast fabrics for 3 years (starting from the date on which the fabric is purchased).

This warranty is valid under the following terms and conditions:

  • For 3 years for its Surlast fabrics, 5 years for its Sunbrella Plus, Sunbrella Supreme, Sunbrella Cushions, Seaguard, and Sunworker fabrics and 8 years for its New Sunbrella fabrics, Dickson Constant shall either replace free of charge or, at its convenience, reimburse the invoice value of the section of fabric recognized as faulty, excluding any costs or any other compensation for any reason whatsoever.

  • For its New Sunbrella fabrics, in the event of a justified complaint after the 8th year, and taking into account depreciation due to wear, the warranty will consist of a discount on the purchase of a new fabric: 30% during the 9th year and 15% during the 10th year, at the rate applicable on the day of the complaint. This rate is available on demand from your dealer.

  • Any complaint must be sent within ten days of the defect being noticed, accompanied by the purchase invoice, via registered mail with confirmation of receipt to the retailer where the product was initially bought. He will acknowledge the defect and transmit your request to Dickson-Constant.

  • The fabric must be kept available to the experts of Dickson Constant or its insurance company.

  • Replacement or reimbursement of the defective fabric does not extend the duration of the original warranty.

This limited warranty exclusively covers the rot-proof properties and colour fastness of the fabrics regularly maintained, under normal use and environment. Consequently there is no cover for:

  • The benefits not performed by Dickson Constant: sewing of the fabric, etc.

  • Parts of the product other than the fabric manufactured by Dickson Constant: eyelets, straps, fastenings and so on.

  • Imperfections such as mottling, waffling, folds, etc. due to handling during preparation of the product or its assembly

  • Defects due to the aging and normal wear of the fabric

  • The consequences of the conditions of installation, the environment or the use not corresponding to the normal conditions, uses of the profession, standards prescribed by Dickson Constant or the destined use of the fabric

  • The repair of damage or defects in the fabric resulting from accidents or negligence not attributable to Dickson Constant or resulting from a ‘force majeure’.

Expressly excluded in particular is any deterioration due to:

  • Faulty maintenance or the use of unsuitable products or instruments: no detergent (except those that are recommended by Dickson Constant), chemical product or solvent, nor any scraper or other instrument that may damage the surface can be used

  • Lightning or unusual climatic or environmental conditions

  • Atmospheric or phytosanitary pollution

  • Soiling caused by animals

  • Faulty assembly or handling by the user, the projection of various products, hanging objects on the fabric, falling objects, bumps, maritime accidents, vandalism, burns from cigarettes or other sources, fire.

This limited warranty shall under no circumstances pose an obstacle to the legal guarantees.

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