Earth J113 Sound grany

REPLAY#01 is a capsule collection of 20 eco-designed listed products, including seven jacquards, eight solids and five stripes. The creative signature style of this revolutionary range breaks away from traditional solar protection codes to offer an array of original patterns and contemporary colours. Up to 27% of the total canvas weight is made up of recycled yarn, that’s roughly equivalent to one third for our solid and striped designs, and around 15% for our jacquard products.

For our solids and stripes, the recycled yarn is re-twisted, making it thicker than standard yarn. This gives the final weave an attractive creped surface. although the technical specifications are similar to Dickson’s standard canvases, its dimensional stability and tear resistance are higher due to the thickness of the yarn - a major asset for this eco-designed collection.

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Ref Tygbredd Skärlängd
EAR J113 120 120 cm 60 lm


  • Sammansättning : 100% solution dyed acrylic
  • Slutbehandling : Cleangard special dirt-resistance and awning water resistant treatment
  • Vikt : 330 g/m²
  • Garanti : 10 År
SolfaktorGenomsläpp av solljusSolreflektionSolabsorption

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RefEchantillon : EAR J113 120

Earth J113 Sound grany

Tygprov A5 (148 x 210 mm)

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