Dickson, the technical textile expert

Dickson® : leader in French-made indoor and outdoor fabrics

Twenty years ago, Dickson® became the benchmark in awning fabrics. Today we are recognized as the world leader in technical textiles for home improvement and protection, with a presence in the solar protection, outdoor/indoor upholstery, boating and flooring markets.

Innovative textiles for your world. These five words express our innovative drive and global reach. We are driving fabric innovation in order to expand our share of emerging markets and meet home improvement challenges.

Our expertise



The Dickson® brand is known for the reliability of its products, services and, more generally, commitments to customers and partners. Its long history, recognized technical expertise and industrial know-how inspire confidence.





Dickson® is a brand firmly rooted in the present. The care taken to design its products and develop value-added services, and the innovation and creativity of its teams have made it a brand on the move, on the lookout, and resolutely modern.





Dickson® is a brand driven by its determination to move forward, advance and innovate in order to offer increasingly innovative products. From the design of new products to the development of new features and the opening of new markets, Dickson® and Sunbrella® are a highly successful brand.



Dickson® products are suited to a wide range of indoor and outdoor fabric applications, from awnings to woven flooring. Dickson® combines creativity, imagination and modernity with advanced textile technologies.



The Sunbrella® brand offers top-of-the-range collections for interior and exterior upholstery and boats. Ultra-resistant and comfortable, Sunbrella fabrics artfully combine performance and design.

Our skills


Both technically advanced and highly decorative, the fabric collections developed by the Dickson® Design department are in tune with modern tastes. The Dickson® and Sunbrella® brands both use technology to produce beautiful fabrics.

Our guarantees

Made in France


Technical performance


Easy maintenance

Our certifications

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

Whatever your project, we have the fabrics to suit you

Döhler Head Office - Turquie

seDöhler's head office is fitted with Dickson flooring

Médiathèque Marguerite Yourcenar -France

Sunworker screens in the Marguerite Yourcenar media library