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INFINITY - Acrylic fabric in large widths

The technical textile with its unique technology: the Dickson Resilient System®
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DICKSON CONSTANT has developed an exclusive "resilient" acrylic yarn to control the elongation of the fabric over time.

This yarn is used in the weft direction and corrects the warp/weft imbalance inherent in all standard acrylic fabrics.

INFINITY is the guarantee of a fabric that will retain its dimensional stability over the years.

Major advantages for all systems:

  •  A reduction in the phenomenon of embossing (reduction in the number of seams)
  • Controlled dimensional stability (Dickson Resilient System® Technology)
  • A fabric that can be used in both directions (warp or weft)
  • A multi-purpose fabric (4 widths: 165, 200, 250 and 320 cm to adapt to all systems, whatever their size)


  • Composition: 100% solution-dyed acrylic 
  • Awning: Dickson Resilient System®
  • Finish: special anti-dirt and waterproof coating
  • Weight: 290g/sq.m.
  • Warranty: 10 years


The Infinity range is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (CQ 638/2 IFTH)



Find a Dickson® dealer

Trust Dickson®’s approved dealers to provide you with advice and support on your awning project. As well as being experienced technicians, they are trained to help you choose the style of your awning fabric. There’s bound to be an awning and solar protection professional near you! 

With Infinity DRS®, Dickson is revolutionising the wide awning. Thanks to its 4 widths: 165, 200, 250 and 320 cm, the Infinity fabric offers you the possibility of creating customised sun protection: 0% seams and 100% aesthetic.

You can order a sample on our website.