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The Dutch canopy: a decorative and original awning

To choose a Dutch canopy is to choose an awning like no other.

Available in various shapes and sizes, canopies are often used to display the name of stores or hotels in towns. They add a decorative touch when fitted to homes.

Mounting your dutch canopyMounting your dutch canopy


Mounting your dutch canopy

The Dutch canopy can be fixed to the front, ceiling or side of your home, as required.


Choosing your dutch canopy

The Dutch canopy is available in fixed and foldable, straight and curved models for windows, balconies, store windows and more. Retractable models are available with a pull cord, crank or electric motor.

Choosing your dutch canopyChoosing your dutch canopy

Dutch canopy fabrics

Dutch canopy fabricsDutch canopy fabrics




An awning in its own right, the Dutch canopy must protect against both sun and bad weather. We recommend a fabric with reinforced waterproofness and easy maintenance: Max