Add style to your terrace or balcony with a folding-arm awning

The folding-arm awning is the most popular choice for a cool, shady terrace or balcony protected from UV rays. The frame and foldable or telescopic arms can be used to open and close the awning manually, by motor or automatically.

  Mounting your folding-arm awning

Mounting your folding-arm awning

Whether you live in an apartment or house, fix your folding-arm awning to a wall for a terrace or ceiling for a balcony.

  Choosing your folding arm awning

Choosing your folding arm awning

There are three main types of folding-arm awnings. The level of protection for awnings varies according to the model you choose.

  • Folding-arm awning with coverboard (B): basic protection from wind and rain.
  • Cassette folding-arm awning (C): highest level of fabric protection from weather damage.
  • Box folding-arm awning (D): total protection for fabric and frame from weather damage.

Cassette or semi-box awning 


Awning with coverboard 


Cassette or semi-box awning 


Box awning 

Awning components

1. Valence

2. Front bar

3. Arm 

4. Roller tube 

Folding-arm awning dimensions

1. Awning width

2. Awning span 

3. Awning pitch 

4. Valence height

5. Mounting height

Folding-arm awning fabrics

For your folding-arm awning, we recommend:

Orchestra awning fabric: the widest range on the market with a choice of 197 colours, including 78 plain fabrics.

Spark FR: an attractive flame-retardant fabric offering unbeatable technical performance   

Infinity: ideal for awnings with a wide span, this attractive fabric provides seamless sun protection

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