How to clean the Dickson fabric of your folding-arm awning

How to maintain Dickson® awning fabrics?

Dickson® fabrics are ideally suited to outdoor use. If users apply the following recommendations, they should not encounter any particular problems.



Position the frame of your awning so that the fabric is perfectly taut and does not rub against another structure. Keeping the awning taut also prevents water retention after rainfall.

Do not leave the awning extended in high winds.

You may keep the awning open in the rain but, if wet, do not retract it for long periods. If you need to retract your damp awning, extent it again as soon as possible to dry out the fabric.

  How to clean your awning fabric

How to clean your awning fabric

Remove light stains with soapy water. Do not use detergents, high-pressure hoses or scrub the fabric for extended periods.

Replacing awning fabric

Replacing awning fabric

The outdoor world is a source of inspiration and your awning plays an important role in your decorative scheme. Modernize your exterior and bring out its personality by simply changing your awning fabric.

After years of exposure to wind and rain, an awning fabric can become damaged or stained. Replacing an awning is an easy and inexpensive way to change the fabric while keeping your awning frame. It is simpler, faster and more cost effective.

Fabric replacement is a sustainable solution because you only replace what is absolutely necessary, leaving you free to enjoy your garden, winter or summer, protected by your new awning.

Practical advice

At the end of summer, take the time to dry your awning before rolling it away. This will prevent mold growth. Remove the valence during the winter months to ensure it retains its esthetic qualities. Use Tex'Activ Clean to deep clean your product and restore the sharpness of its colors. To restore the water-repellent properties of your Dickson® awning fabric, useTex'Aktiv Guard for effective stain protection and optimal beading effect


For deep cleaning, use Tex'Aktiv Clean.This product is a powerful stain remover that will eliminate the most tenacious tasks.