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Veranda blinds insulate from the cold and protect from the heat

This blind is a natural choice for any veranda. The awning’s insulating and filtering properties help keep the veranda at an ambient temperature, winter and summer, and protect you and your furniture from harmful UV rays.

Fitting your veranda blindsFitting your veranda blinds


Fitting your veranda blinds

While you’re advised to fit an outdoor blind for enhanced sun protection, you may prefer to use an indoor blind if your veranda is exposed to strong winds or its design makes it unsuitable for an outdoor version.


Choosing your veranda blind

Your veranda determines not only where you fit your blind, but also the type of blind you fit, from sliding to bay. If blinds are difficult to reach, such as on a roof, you might prefer to fit automated blinds.

Choosing your veranda blindChoosing your veranda blind
Veranda blind componentsVeranda blind components


Veranda blind components: 

1. box

2. roll tube

3. motor

4. fabric

5. runner

6. end pull rod (or ballast)


Veranda blind fabrics

Veranda blind fabricsVeranda blind fabrics


For veranda blinds, we recommend:

  • Orchestra: the widest range on the market with a choice of 197 colours, including 78 plain fabrics.
  • SWK6: a high-performance fabric that acts as a protective filter by rejecting 92% of heat from solar radiation.