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Fabrics with unrivalled performance

Sit back and enjoy every journey on your boat, upholstered with our Sunbrella® fabrics. Boat owners have been using these comfortable, easy-to-clean, UV- and fade-resistant fabrics for over 50 years.

Colour resistance against UV and fadingColour resistance against UV and fading
Mould resistanceMould resistance
Easy care and stain resistanceEasy care and stain resistance

Colour resistance against UV and fading

As the fibres are solution-dyed, these fabrics are resistant to UV rays and fading, despite prolonged exposure to sunlight, salt and chlorine. Their colours stay bright for years, whether used indoors or outdoors.

Mould resistance


Our fabrics offer exceptional mould resistance. However, if the extreme conditions to which your fabrics can be exposed cause some dirt to appear, you can clean them quickly and easily.




Easy care and stain resistance

Our fabrics offer unrivalled resistance to stains and oily substances, thanks to their special treatment. So, you can make the most of your sailing trips without worrying about spilling any sun cream, wine or chocolate. In the event of a stubborn stain, Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned with bleach without their colours being affected.

Résistance des coloris aux UV et à la décoloration

Teintés au cœur même de la fibre, les tissus résistent aux UV et à la décoloration malgré une exposition prolongée au soleil, au sel et au chlore. Les tissus Sunbrella Marine conservent tout leur éclat pendant plusieurs années pour un usage intérieur ou extérieur.

Résistance aux moisissures

Nos tissus offrent une résistance exceptionnelle aux moisissures. Cependant, si les conditions maritimes extrêmes auxquelles sont exposées vos toiles marines viennent à causer l’apparition de quelques impuretés, celles-ci peuvent être nettoyées facilement et rapidement.