Delays in the supply of raw materials increase our delivery times significantly.
Find out the latest information by clicking here.

Delays in the supply of raw materials increase our delivery times significantly.
Find out the latest information by clicking here.

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Discover all our seat and cushion fabrics

Create your own style with our different ranges.

The Sunbrella collection contains a multitude of fabrics that you can mix and match to create your own style and décor.

It is made up of solid colours and jacquard patterns in bold and neutral colours, all of which can enhance and elevate your cushions, rugs, berth covers or even sun loungers.

Our collection of comfortable, UV-resistant, fade-resistant, mould-resistant, easy-care Sunbrella fabrics is specifically developed for indoor and outdoor upholstery on your boat.

Create your own style with our different ranges.Create your own style with our different ranges.


Sunbrella®’s first range of high-performance synthetic leather for boats. It has all the properties needed for use at sea, both indoors and outdoors. This revolutionary textile is available in 23 colours. This new range comes with a 3-year warranty against pink bacterial staining and mould. Horizon offers remarkable technical quality and is guaranteed for 5 years against loss of strength or fading (in normal usage and exposure conditions). Thanks to its knitted design, Horizon synthetic leather offers considerable stretch in four directions. It will not lose its style, shape or elasticity.


Stripes and Solids

Timeless stripes that add a dash of classic chic to the range. For a touch of modernity, mix and match these fabrics with the new jacquard models.



The weave and grain add plenty of texture to this fabric. Natté is a sophisticated combination of an authentic material and subtle colours, making it ideal for timeless furniture.



Now this is the range that brings a touch of colour to the collection! This new design will add plenty of vibrancy to your boat. Its contrasting threads with a subtly iridescent shine have made this line a real hit.



These 8 reversible jacquard fabrics with a wavy pattern are inspired by the shape of coral reefs. This design can add a modern dash of colour to your cushions and seats.



The Drops pattern is a damask jacquard on textured reversible fabric, inspired by the coral seen deep down in the ocean. It is available in a palette that contains both soft and vibrant colours, ranging from dynamic pastels to deep blues.



The Maze jacquard pattern is inspired by the quilting seen in the world of car upholstery. Available in light colours, dark tones and shades in between, it will bring sophistication and charm to your boat, both indoors and outdoors.



These 8 structured jacquard patterns are made up of twisted threads, which give the fabric its depth. This sophisticated texture is inspired by nature. It is available in a variety of natural and deep tones.



Rush is a range of 8 damask jacquard reversible fabrics with an authentic texture, as though caressed by a paintbrush. This design offers a raw look. It is available in deep, natural colours that highlight its iridescent sheen that changes according to the light.



A range of 9 reversible fabrics with a hand-designed damask jacquard pattern. These subtle, minimalist stripes blend together to look like a textured solid design as you move away. Their authentic, contemporary design make them the ideal way to bring character and dynamism to large seats.