A Dickson indoor rug in a hotel lobby

Rugs suited to the most demanding environments.

Break down the barrier between indoors and outdoors. Dickson® rugs are ideal for any space or design project. From the home to offices, hotels, stores, and entrance or reception halls, Dickson® rugs challenge traditional rug textile conventions. 

A stylish, designer collection

Warmth, material effects, color matching... Benefit from a multitude of color and material combinations to coordinate your interior or exterior or play with color contrasts and tone-on-tone harmonies. Need a unique rug to meet your design needs? The possibilities are endless! 

Range of rug shapes

From traditional square or rectangular shapes to more geometric shapes, Dickson® rugs can be adapted to any space. Our design studio has created a complete range of new shapes to invent unique spaces.

Product performance

3 years warranty


Stain resistant

Abrasion resistant


Easy to clean

Simulate your rugs with Dickson® Rugs

The Dickson® Designer Rugs app allows you to simulate Dickson® indoor and outdoor rugs to optimize your choice. Save your simulations and compare and share the results.

Examples of projects

Indoor Vincent Coste- France

Vincent Coste used a Dickson rug for one of his design projects

Outdoor - Belgium

Dickson rugs add style to your terrace