Light: an important factor in your home

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When you move into a new home, you might realise it is not as light as you thought and need to find ways to make your indoor spaces brighter and more comfortable. To increase the amount of daylight entering your home and to avoid the need for artificial lighting in the early afternoon, try these tips to avoid getting a shock when you open your next bill.


Install a large glass door in your main room

If you have a garden or terrace, a tried and tested way to increase the amount of daylight that enters your home is to install a glass door between your living room and the outside. If the glass is fully transparent, it will maximise the flow of light into your living space. If the window is installed in a way that makes the best use of your sun exposure, you can also benefit from significant natural heat gain without turning on your radiators.

Opting for a glazed door can therefore increase the amount of light that enters your home and save you energy.

Consume better to save money!

Choosing an electricity supplier with a competitive tariff: goodbye EDF? 

If your kids never remember to turn off the lights when they leave a room, your washing machine never seems to stop turning, or the games console always stays on standby overnight, you could be in for a nasty surprise when your next bill arrives. As electricity is the second biggest consumer of household energy, just behind heating, using an electricity price comparison website can help you decide if you really have the best deal on the market. EDF has the highest tariff, for example, while its competitors, led by Engie, offer more competitive rates for less stress each time you plug into the mains.

Changing your power provider is a great way to enjoy cheaper electricity at home. As it is free to switch, you only pay the cost of transferring your meter.

Transferring your EDF meter 

Whether you decide to use another provider or stay with EDF, you still need to transfer your meter to start using your home electricity supply. For trouble-free switching, try this Enedis step-by-step guide. If you are moving to a new home, plan ahead to hit the ground running and manage your home lighting options with complete ease of mind. This service is the last step before benefiting from electricity at home!

Paint your rooms in light colours

Another way to bring more light into your rooms is to repaint walls in light hues or even, if you prefer, in white or beige.

White is a great way to diffuse daylight and captures natural light to make rooms look brighter. Opting for light-coloured upholstery on furniture prevents it from absorbing sunlight. As bright-coloured decorative touches stand out more in a room painted in lighter colours, it’s also a great way to personalise your home.

Use mirrors to reflect daylight

Last but not least, for brighter interiors, particularly if your rooms are dark or narrow, mirrors can make all the difference. If hung in the right place, they can even reflect daylight into the darkest corners of your home. For a more harmonious look, choose a mirror that is the same shape as your window. Click here for more information!

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