Dickson Wins Muuuz International Award (MIAW) for its acoustic fabric SWK6

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The jury 2019 of the Muuuz International Awards has chosen to retain in the category "acoustic fabrics", the product SWK6 created by Dickson.

The Muuuz International Awards (MIAW) are organized by Muuuz magazine in partnership with D'A magazine.
For the seventh year in a row, MIAWs are dedicated to rewarding the most creative, design and innovative manufacturers. This year, the awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at the Grand Intercontinental Opera Hotel in Paris.

The Dickson SWK6 fabric was selected in the "acoustic fabrics" category for its technical and aesthetic qualities. Dickson's SWK6 is up to 100% sound absorption, a durable, aesthetic, and tear-resistant fabric. It can be used alone or with absorbent to achieve optimal performance under most conditions of implementation. Reduction of the reverberation, absorption at each frequency, the SWK6 fabric responds effectively to each sound correction need.

Discover Dickson's SWK6 fabric on our website.

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