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Dickson reveals its latest collection of indoor and outdoor rugs


Dickson reveals its latest collection of indoor and outdoor rugs


Published on 2020-09-21 - Products
Woven flooring

An interior design game-changerDickson’s new woven vinyl rugs bring indoor and outdoor spaces to life. Available in two ranges – Classic and Iconic – our rugs come in a wide selection of shapes and textures, deepen the intensity of our primary material, and add character to your surroundings.

Dickson rugs fit seamlessly into any indoor or outdoor decoration scheme. With their unique contemporary shapes and combined with brilliantly vibrant colors, they bring personality to any space.

The Classic Range

Available in timeless geometric shapes, this range adapts effortlessly to any indoor or outdoor style. Rug centers can be selected from the products in our latest Dickson Woven Flooring collection, subject to availability.

Rectangle Rectangle
Rounded rectangle Rounded rectangle
Framed rectangle Framed rectangle
Square Square
Rounded Square Rounded Square
Framed Square Framed Square
Echo Echo
Globe Globe
Framed Globe Framed Globe

An addition to our three original shapes, Rectangle, Square and Globe, the highly contemporary elliptical Echo reinvents the iconic eye shape.

The rugs in the Classic range are created by Dickson’s in-house design studio to reflect modern tastes. They intensify the brilliance of our woven vinyl primary material and add character to any setting.

Create bespoke flooring with rugs in two colors brought to life by our latest Deluxe high-end finish for a cultivated, toned-down look. Add fabric or faux-leather borders if you prefer or opt for clean edges to achieve a sharper finish.

Dickson finishes pair perfectly with the range’s classic square and rectangular geometric forms. With so many colors and finishes to choose from, Classic rugs are ideal to zone spaces and add a designer touch.

Iconic rugs

Iconic is a range of sculptural rugs designed as works of art. Extra-large masterpieces for indoor and outdoor use, they come in a range of original, unique, and contemporary geometric shapes, combined with vibrant colors.

They add strength and standout personality to any space. The geometric Iconic range comes in four shapes: Eclipse, Moon, Fold and Tandem. Each shape is available in five color combinations and sizes determined in advance by the Dickson Design Studio.

Created by the Dickson Design Studio, these rugs combining bright, brilliant colors add strength and unique personality to any room or living space.

High-Performance Vinyl Flooring By Dickson

Dickson rugs zone living spaces and accentuate original, contemporary, and quality design schemes.

The complete Dickson rug range promises unique performance with exceptional durability over time. Used outdoors they offer the guarantee of consistent quality and colorfastness for lasting intensity.

For long-term healthy living spaces, our rugs are free from phthalates and heavy metals. With ultra-low emissions through their lifecycle, they contribute to the quality of indoor air. Easy to clean with waterproof surfaces, they are also stain-resistant.  Dickson rugs are guaranteed for three years.

Rug centers are chosen from the range of colors available in the Dickson Woven Flooring collection.

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