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Choosing your pergola curtains

Outdoor curtains filter UV rays and add an attractive touch to pergolas without the need for sophisticated closing systems.

Hanging pergola curtains Hanging pergola curtains


Hanging pergola curtains

Outdoor curtains are very easy to fit and, like traditional curtains, hang directly from the pergola on a rod.


Choosing your curtains

Waterproof and anti-stain coated, the Natté and Velum ranges are perfectly suited for outdoor use. They provide effective protection against UV rays and are highly resistant to long-term weather damage.

These fabrics are made from solution-dyed acrylic fiber. The fiber is dyed all the way through during production, unlike other fibers which are colored simply by dipping. Solution-dyed acrylic fiber guarantees bright, long-lasting colors.

Choosing your curtains Choosing your curtains