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Long-lasting and resistant fabrics

Pergola fabrics extend the use of your pergola, whatever the time of day or season, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor life more than ever before.
Control heat, brightness, colors and acoustics according to your wishes. Benefiting from a high level of comfort and an original atmosphere, turn your pergola into a new living space.

Thermal and visual comfortThermal and visual comfort

Thermal and visual comfort

Dickson® fabrics guarantee unrivalled thermal comfort, alongside a level of visual comfort never previously enjoyed by pergola owners. Enjoy your outdoor space in complete peace of mind, to simply relax or spend time with friends or family.

Acoustic comfort

The materials and textures of Dickson® fabrics improve your wellbeing by optimizing the acoustic comfort of your pergola. Dickson® fabrics are twice as effective at reducing ambient noise levels as a rigid structure.

Acoustic comfortAcoustic comfort
UV protection and heat controlUV protection and heat control

UV protection and heat control

The product of our tried-and-test expertise, Dickson® fabrics offer excellent protection from UV rays and significantly reduce heat input.

In the middle of summer you are totally protected and you can enjoy your pergola for several hours without worrying about the sun.

Practical advice

Practical advicePractical advice

We have developed different ranges to meet your every need. 

Choose an opaque fabric like Sunblock for effective protection against UV rays and heat. 

For optimal diffusion of daylight, select the Lac 650 SL range.

For a zip screen, Sunvision fabric is tailored to your needs. 

Lastly, the Natté and Velum ranges are ideal for use as curtains.