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Enjoy your terrace all year round with a pergola closure

Protect yourself from wind, sun, rain and insects all year round with pergola side closures to create a fully enclosed, cozy shelter away from prying eyes.

Choosing the right closureChoosing the right closure


Choosing the right closure

The closure is fitted directly to the pergola structure to fasten the sides. Usually a motorized or manual sliding blind, it allows the pergola to be easily adjusted to weather conditions.


Recommended pergola closure fabrics

If you wish to maintain visual contact with the outside world, a micro-perforated SWK6 blind controls glare and protects against UV rays while allowing air and light to pass through. It also doubles as a mosquito net on summer nights.

If you’re looking for more insulation, especially from rain and strong wind, an Orchestra fabric closure blind, which combines design, resistance and thermal performance, makes the ideal solution.

Recommended pergola closure fabricsRecommended pergola closure fabrics