Pergola velum is an attractive sun protection solution

The structure and fabric of velum pergolas, like roll-up pergolas, protect against the sun. Highly attractive, the main difference is that the fabric can be folded back to change the atmosphere of your terrace in the blink of an eye.

  Where to fit your velum pergola?

Where to fit your velum pergola?

Velum pergolas adapt to the layout of your home. Placed against a wall, they can follow the slope of a roof or remain flat.

They can be used as a standalone structure or placed at the edge of a swimming pool or extend from your home.

Recommended fabrics for your pergola velum:

Lac 650 SL: an exceptionally hard-wearing polyester fabric PVC-coated on both sides

Sunblock: a 100% opaque fabric to protect against solar radiation, heat and light