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Separation panels add an oriental touch to further enhance your spaces

Separation panels have two to four panels that slide and move independently. Highly attractive, they protect interiors from UV rays and prying eyes.

Fitting your separation panels Fitting your separation panels

Fitting your separation panels

An indoor blind to equip and embellish large windows, the Japanese panel can also partition and separate a room into two distinct spaces.

Separation panel recommendations

For your panel blinds, we recommend:

  • SWK6: with its awning openness of 6%, this fabric is an excellent compromise allowing unprecedented visual and thermal comfort.
  • SWK15: with its 15% openness factor, it incorporates the Sunworker fabric characteristics, offering a higher openness factor therefore allowing more light to pass through.
  • Sunworker Opaque: with a 0% openness factor, it is ideal for plunging a room into darkness
Separation panel recommendations Separation panel recommendations