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The timeless outdoor vertical blind adapts to any home

To prevent sunlight from entering an interior or to maintain visual contact with the outside world, Sunworker fabrics offer the ideal solution. Simply lower the blind to achieve the right temperature and level of light.

Fitting your vertical blindFitting your vertical blind


Fitting your vertical blind

Install the vertical blind parallel to the glazed area of your window, preferably outside, for better thermal protection.

Recommended vertical-blind fabrics:

  • SWK6: with an openness factor of 6%, this fabric is an excellent compromise for unprecedented visual and thermal comfort.
  • SWK15: with an openness factor of 15%, it shares the same properties as Sunworker fabric but with a larger openness factor to let in more light.
  • Sunworker Opaque: this fabric has an openness factor of 0% and is ideal for creating black-out conditions.
Recommended vertical-blind fabrics:Recommended vertical-blind fabrics: