Dickson flooring

Vinyl flooring with an unbeatable design

Flooring is the centerpiece of any room. It is therefore essential to choose colors and materials carefully. Technically innovative products developed for the most demanding environments, Dickson® woven vinyl flooring can be adapted to any space and used to create elegant, welcoming and original atmospheres.

  Range of styles

Range of styles

Six distinctive and striking ranges. Warm, modern and pop-colored, or chic and sophisticated, create the atmosphere to suit you with Dickson®'s woven vinyl flooring.

Deep and intense or light, natural and soft, choose the shades that are right for you and let your creativity flow.

Its woven vinyl structure adds character to flooring surfaces and naturally plays with the light. Depending on the shape, color and laying plan, your flooring will reveal a variety of deep and subtle shades depending on the lighting and angle from which it is seen.

Our awards

The global expertise of textile manufacturer Dickson® and its latest outstanding, original and innovative collection have put woven vinyls on the international design map.

Dickson® won the prestigious “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award and the Muuuz International Award for the innovative design of its collection of woven vinyl flooring.




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