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Woven Rugs

Woven vinyl rug: a modern and designer collection

An interior design game-changer, rugs zone spaces and accentuate a design scheme. Created by our in-house design studio, our range of woven vinyl rugs fits seamlessly into our flooring collection.

Woven vinyl rugs for indoor and outdoor

A decorative addition to any indoor or outdoor space, from offices and hotels to restaurants and terraces, this new range of "in & out" rugs blurs the line between interior and exterior.

Woven vinyle rugs for indoor and outdoorWoven vinyle rugs for indoor and outdoor
Varied woven rug shapesVaried woven rug shapes

Varied woven rug shapes

From traditional square or rectangular shapes to more geometric shapes, Dickson® rugs can be adapted to any space. Our design studio has created a complete range of new shapes to invent unique spaces.

The qualities of our woven rugs

3 years warranty3 years warranty


3 years warranty






Stain resistantStain resistant


Stain resistant


Abrasion resistantAbrasion resistant


Abrasion resistant





Easy to cleanEasy to clean


Easy to clean



Non Phthalate

Inspiring ideas for Dickson Constant woven rugs


Indoor Vincent Coste- France

Indoor Vincent Coste- FranceIndoor Vincent Coste- France


Outdoor - Belgium

Outdoor - BelgiumOutdoor - Belgium