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A new designer range of contemporary Dickson rugs

You'll find it hard to resist this striking designer combination of the woven vinyl primary material and textile materials for rug finishes. Available in nine shapes, the Classic range of Dickson rugs is ideal for refurbishing hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurant terraces, stores and balconies. Manufactured with a non-slip underlay, these rugs woven from revolutionary vinyl fibers benefit from advanced technical qualities and excellent wear resistance.

Dare to mix and match

Create your own style with our wide range of colors and materials. The 16 Sunbrella® acrylic cable cords, the new Deluxe Dickson® finish, 4 faux leather cable cords, 14 Sunbrella® braids, 9 cable cords and the Sharp (cut edge) finish offer thousands of possible color and finish combinations.

mix and matchmix and match

Designer finishes to meet your needs

Rug center

Rug centerRug center
Rug centerRug center


The range of colors created by Dickson® makes it easy to find the perfect match for your decor and surroundings. Simply choose your rug shape from the Classic range, then select the center color from our in-stock flooring range.

« In&out » Sunbrella® braid


The Sunbrella fabric cable cord adds a soft, elegant touch to rugs. Perfect for traditional geometric square or rectangular shapes.

These 16 cable cords in Sunbrella® fabric enjoy a top-quality textile finish to match any indoor or outdoor living space. They are highly resistant to damage from outdoor use and treated with anti-stain and anti-mold coatings.

« In&out » Sunbrella® braid« In&out » Sunbrella® braid

« In & out » Deluxe finish

« In & out » Deluxe finish« In & out » Deluxe finish


Inspired by luxury leatherwork, this high-end finish has hem-like discretion and refinement. Available for geometric square and rectangular shapes. The Deluxe finish is clean and sophisticated, with a durable black back strip to protect the rug's woven surface.

Sunbrella border « in&out »



Sunbrella® braid gently contours the rug shape and hugs its curves. These 14 Sunbrella® acrylic braids are highly resistant to damage from outdoor use.

Sunbrella border « in&out »Sunbrella border « in&out »

« In » faux leather border

« In » faux leather border« In » faux leather border



The faux leather cable cord accents the high-end feel of the rug and lends itself perfectly to traditional geometric square and rectangular shapes.

« In&out » Sharp finish



This simple, unadorned finish reveals the full thickness of the primary material. Specially designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Sharp finish strikes the perfect balance between durability and design.

« In&out » Sharp finish« In&out » Sharp finish

« In » Line cable cord finishes

« In » Line cable cord finishes« In » Line cable cord finishes



The fine cabling applied to the rug edge delicately accents its curved lines. These nine cable cord finishes are perfect for indoor spaces with heavy footfall.