COVID-19 (coronavirus): the measures taken by Dickson-Constant

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Dear valued partner,

As a global company, Dickson is closely monitoring the dynamic situation of COVID-19 (coronavirus). We are navigating the situation and adapting quickly as new information is available in order to protect the health of our associates, partners, and customers while ensuring continuity of our business partnerships.

While the situation continues to evolve daily, we have taken specific actions with the health and safety of everyone in mind. Effective Monday, March 16, we have suspended all business travel for our associates. We also are restricting visitors to all Dickson locations until further notice.

Regarding our business operations / activities, we would like to inform you of the following:

Production / Distribution:

Our manufacturing plant and distribution center are operating on a normal schedule, and there are no shortages in availability for all of our collection stock items branded Dickson and Sunbrella for the time being.

However, there may be some disruptions in transportation and production in some areas of the global supply chain, but our teams are actively working to reduce any impacts on deliveries.

To this end we remain committed to working closely with our suppliers and partners around the world to minimize both the health risks to our associates and disruptions to our collective businesses as much as possible.

Customer Service:

We have taken all the measures to secure our sales assistance in the office, and have decided to split our teams in such a way that half will be working in home office and the other half will be in the office.

Our sales assistants as well as our sales teams remain at your entire service through the phone, e-mail, visio-conference and of course through our Dickson e-shop (
Please, be confident that Dickson is taking appropriate actions towards its associates, customers and partners as we all work through this together.

We appreciate your partnership and value our shared relationship.

     Eugène Deleplanque

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