The new generation Orchestra® fabrics

DICKSON® is now offering a new generation fabric with incomparable properties and performance levels to revolutionize the Outdoor decorating market. Its technical characteristics have been improved to meet the changing market demands and meet consumer expectations in terms of durability and solar protection.

Greater water-resistance (Schmerber 370 mm instead of 350 mm), better protection (tighter weave: 0.11% open instead of 0.36%) and more stable, the new generation Orchestra fabric is even more high performance than ever before.

Stripes rub shoulders with high fashion, play with men's clothing codes and indulge in subtle style effects.

With these three new references, Naples, Trévise and Sienne, the Orchestra range offers an alternative to colour that combines modernity and simplicity.

Terrasse avec store Naples
Toiles Trévise et Sienne

TRÉVISE stripes

In rich tones of raw wood and worn-in leather... the Trévise stripes combine timeless elegance with upbeat modernity.

An alternating rhythm of sophisticated shades, from beige to brown, give this fabric its own, unique charm to dress up any kind of façade.

SIENNE stripes

The Sienne stripes' 8 variations, including 1 new nuance, play it straight and understated with a naturally elegant style. The smart selection of different sized stripes brings to mind a gentleman's wardrobe.

The latest colour trends, such as sand and taupe, give this range a very 'French chic' look.

Toiles Naples

NAPLES stripes

Discover the 'Al Capone' ambiance with the whole array of Naples stripes, easily paired with white, grey, black or denim solids. Designed with the precision of a tailor's pattern, the Naples fabric is distinctively minimalist.

Its thin lines of camel, white or grey call to mind the visible stitching on jeans and give awnings a high fashion design.

Stripes take on a new twist, have fun with colours and flood both small and large areas.

With 18 new variations, including Brooklyn and manosque, the Orchestra range offers an array of 98 stripes, from the most classic to the more cutting-edge design.

Toiles Brooklyn

BROOKLYN stripes

A surprising mix of patterned weaves and neon colours, the Brooklyn series comes in 4 updated urban styles. Ultra violet, bright pink, chlorophyll green and mandarin orange electrify the grey city streets and skyscrapers.

Breaking away from traditional codes, Brooklyn stripes shake up the linear rhythm, alternating between wide metallic stripes and thin sketched-effect stripes.

Toiles Manosque

MANOSQUE stripes

Neo-classicism makes a comeback with the Manosque stripes' mottled 'chine' effects, available in 5 subtle, natural colours, totally in synch with the times.

The Provençal charm adds a new dimension to stripes in dark green, antique rose, ocean blue, straw yellow and charcoal grey.

100 solids.

A diverse palette that lets you indulge all your wildest dreams.

From chocolate to fuchsia, Dickson's array of 100 solids (including 10 Symphony shades) provides aesthetic allure along with material effects to ensure optimal solar protection.

Toiles Unis

ORCHESTRA: 90 solids, including 14 new shades

Feeding into the electric trend with ultra violet. Cosy ambiance with cherry red. Pop art dynamics with pretty in pink...

Orchestra's kaleidoscope has been enriched with high-energy hues to be used for a total look or exciting accents.

The constant quest for new materials and high-tech performance have earned Dickson® fabrics quite a reputation and their manufacturing process is what makes all the difference in the world.

Dickson® fabrics are exclusively woven with Sunacryl solution-dyed acrylic fibres

Developed by the Dickson® R&D teams, these exceptional quality fibres are solution- dyed, which means the colour pigments are incorporated during the actual manufacturing process, not afterwards, like most others.

That’s why the colours stay true despite the sun, moon and weather.

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