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    Whether you’re looking to create bold contrasts or two-toned harmonies, the 100 solids in the orchestra range offer infinite possibilities to make awnings play a truly pivotal role in outdoor decorating and design.

Solar protection fabrics

The big advantage: the awning collection is comprised of 212 references, including 100 all new solids. As a result, DICKSON® offers 188 Orchestra options, 10 Symphony solids and 14 Opera jacquards. And a surprising innovation: the blue jean is making its debut in a totally vibrant collection that’ll turn you into a...

Orchestra, the largest range on the market, boasts a unique, differentiating style. Inspired by the latest indoor-outdoor decorating trends, it stands out by its amazing use of colour and 14 dazzling new solids. Using pink, purple or green, colour can be played up to the hilt or used to spice up ultra graphic stripes. In addition, thanks to the Symphony, range’s 10 exquisite references, including 5 new shades, the Dickson® awning collection now offers 100 fabulous solids.

DICKSON® hence clearly affirms its position as a stylish awning fabric designer through these 100 gorgeous solids, 18 irresistible stripes (some classic, others trendy) and 9 new jacquards with fascinating optical effects, all of which belong to one amazing “awning” collection made up of three incomparable ranges : Orchestra, Symphony and Opera.

Awning Collection

Orchestra, Symphony & Opera, the awning collection

Professional technical textiles





Awning Collection

Blue Jean revolutionizes outdoor decorating codes.

From table clothes to sheets and upholstery, denim is making its way into the decorating world. At the forefront of the latest trends, Dickson® now invites denim to step outside, making the most of its diversity.

Powerful blues, fun stitching, the stone-washed look, jean awnings combine originality with city-slicker style. A timeless colour, blue jean fabric creates a soothing atmosphere that’s both chic and easy to live with day in and day out. Bold or faded, raw or refined, denim combines modernity with authenticity for a 100% blue addickt appeal.

100 solids: A diverse palette that lets you indulge all your wildest dreams.

From chocolate to fuchsia, Dickson’s array of 100 solids provides aesthetic allure along with material effects to ensure optimal solar protection.

Colour choice directly affects heat and light penetration. Pale colours let through more heat but offer incomparable light. Dark colours keep things cooler but blocks out more of the sunshine. Colours also offer optimum UV protection. Dark shades provide total UVA and UVB protection, whereas paler shades provide protection similar to that of an SPF 50 skin cream.

Professional technical textiles

Innovation serving the needs of today’s professionals

Awning fabric is often put to the test on restaurant terraces and building façades. Urban pollution, tobacco smoke and other sources of dirt are virtually omnipresent.

Specifically designed for professionals, Dickson® has developed two technical fabric ranges with incomparable attributes, not available anywhere else on the market. Packed with the latest textile innovations, they offer an effective solution for today’s most demanding business- and home- owners. Easy maintenance, long-lasting colours, water-proof... all these smart assets make it possible for Dickson® to offer a 10-year warranty on these amazing fabrics.

Technical know-how serving the needs of creative design

Whether you’re dealing with modern architecture’s large, glass surfaces or streamline interiors looking for a touch of originality, both need a smart combination of aesthetic appeal and technical performance for effective, long-lasting solar protection.

Sunworker and Sunvision fabrics by Dickson® provide economical, environmentally-friendly alternatives that are not only high design, but also comply with the latest building standards.

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We’re sorry, but none of our fabrics correspond to your search criteria. Please expand your search.

We’re sorry, but none of our fabrics correspond to your search criteria. Please expand your search.