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Dickson Constant - A successful Franco-American company

Dickson® draws on a long textile tradition dating back to 1836. Since then, we've become the world leader in the technical textiles. A member of the US-based Glen Raven® Group since 1998, we have grown our business and strengthened our synergies - supply chain, innovation, etc. - around the world.
 Dickson® is now extending its leadership to all technical fabrics for use around the home. Its business covers four markets: solar protection, flooring, interior and exterior upholstery, and boat equipment.

The history of Dickson-Constant: the expert in the art of weaving.

Part of the fabric of the French weaving industry and its developments, Dickson-Constant draws on 180 years of expertise.

Dickson® : leader in French-made indoor and outdoor fabrics

Twenty years ago, Dickson® became the benchmark in awning fabrics. Today we are recognized as the world leader in technical textiles for home improvement and protection, with a presence in the solar protection, outdoor/indoor upholstery, boating and flooring markets.


Innovative textiles for your world. These five words express our innovative drive and global reach. We are driving fabric innovation in order to expand our share of emerging markets and meet home improvement challenges.


The oldest textile company in France. Dickson opens its spinning mills in Dunkirk.


Dickson adds weaving to its spinning activities, enters the sail canvas market and invents processes to give its fabrics rot-proof properties when exposed to seawater. 


A pioneering company. Dickson introduces artificial textile fibers into the production of its fabrics to make them more resistant.


Merger of Dickson and Constant weaving businesses. 


The company expands globally and creates foreign subsidiaries.


Dickson joins the American group Glen Raven - the world leader in outdoor technical textiles.


Dickson develops the first photovoltaic fabric prototype.


Launch of the first 3D simulator in the solar protection sector: The Dickson Designer.


Dickson sets out to conquer the flooring market.


Sets up an innovation hub.

Glen Raven

Headquartered in North Carolina, Glen Raven® employs 3,500 people worldwide. Through its three entities - Custom Fabrics, Technical Fabrics, Trivantage - Glen Raven's goal is to improve the lives of consumers around the world by continuously developing and marketing the most innovative fabric solutions

The art of weaving

Drawing on 180 years of expertise, Dickson-Constant has always been at the forefront of developments in the weaving industry. Dickson fabrics are manufactured by our weavers in Wasquehal, northern France. Benefiting from centuries of know-how, they continuously reinvent one of the oldest occupations in the world. Although its secrets have been passed down from generation to generation, this traditional craft would not be what it is today without these dedicated individuals.

Technical expertise

More than a manufacturer of fabrics and technically advanced textiles, Dickson-Constant has an integrated design studio. The Dickson® design studio develops the largest and most creative collections in the textile technology sector. Our team identifies and analyses the latest trends, creates new stripes, patterns and colors, and then tests the design's technical feasibility. Each new collection takes more than a year to design.

Innovative outlook

As a growth driver, innovation is central to Dickson®'s diversification and international development strategy. The group aims to offer quality, technically advanced fabrics. Our R&D and design teams work all year round with international laboratories and trend agencies to create innovative solutions for the homes of tomorrow.

Dickson® : French know-how
combining performance and design

Dickson®'s fabrics are made in France. Drawing on centuries of expertise, they continuously reinvent weaving - one of the world's oldest crafts.

Awning fabrics


Dickson® awnings are tailored to your lifestyle. They open your home to the outdoors and turn your terrace into a living space, allowing you to enjoy even more special outdoor moments at any time of day.

Dickson® awnings enhance your terrace design, add elegance to your facade and underline your choice of outdoor decoration.

Screen fabrics

Dickson® screen fabrics provide optimal protection from the sun while adding an elegant touch to your facade. They provide a barrier against heat and UV rays. Benefiting from highly effective treatments, they provide unbeatable resistance and convenience.

Woven flooring

Dickson® has developed a collection of woven flooring that uses revolutionary fibers to create a range of looks and color shades. Woven vinyl is suitable for all kinds of rooms. Highly resistant, comfortable and easy to clean, it looks like textile fabric but has none of its disadvantages.

Upholstery fabrics

Building on its experience, Sunbrella® designs upholstery fabrics conducive to reflection in any season. Available in a wide range of designs inspired by the latest trends, the range of possibilities opened by this material encourages free movement between indoors and outdoors.

Window fabrics

With a width of 300 cm, our Window Fabrics collection is perfect for all indoor or outdoor curtains, whether sheer or opaque. Its wide range of textures and colours will allow you to create an atmosphere in every room of your home that suits you.

Marine fabrics

Sunbrella® is an incubator of ideas for boat fabrics. Sunbrella's marine collection is composed of top-quality products that offer unrivalled performance and aesthetic properties.

Decorative fabrics


Whether outside or inside the boat, our range of fabrics allows you to add a decorative and comfortable touch while maintaining the intrinsic qualities of the fabrics. Totally resistant to conditions at sea, the fabrics do not discolour and are easy to clean, even with difficult stains, such as mould and salt residues.

Playing with nuances and textures, the range allows you to create subtle combinations to customise your entire boat.

Our brands

Dickson - Solar protection and woven flooring

The Dickson® brand has historically been dedicated to the solar protection market and is nowadays recognised as THE global benchmark for awning fabrics, parasols and pergolas.

Our industrial know-how and our expertise in weaving, which have been recognised over the years, have allowed us to diversify and grow for the past few years in the woven flooring market. The Dickson brand has now become a major player in this sector.

The care taken over product design, the innovation and creativity of the teams make it a moving and resolutely modern brand.

Sunbrella - Upholstery and boat equipment textiles

Historically dedicated to the boat equipment market, the Sunbrella® brand has established itself, as collection launches have gone by, as the must-have in exterior and interior upholstery textiles.

The brand has earned the recognition of all industry players, renowned furniture manufacturers and designers, who choose Sunbrella® for the diversity and unrivalled quality of its products.

Our guarantees

We offer innovative textile solutions using real know-how and multiple skills to meet the needs of all our customers.

Made in France


Technical performance


Easy maintenance



The Dickson® brand is known for the reliability of its products, services and, more generally, commitments to customers and partners. Its long history, recognized technical expertise and industrial know-how inspire confidence.


Dickson® is a brand firmly rooted in the present. The care taken to design its products and develop value-added services, and the innovation and creativity of its teams have made it a brand on the move, on the lookout, and resolutely modern.


Dickson® is a brand driven by its determination to move forward, advance and innovate in order to offer increasingly innovative products. From the design of new products to the development of new features and the opening of new markets, Dickson® and Sunbrella® are a highly successful brand.

Multiple skills to create innovative solutions to benefit of our customers

Dickson® offers innovative fabric solutions based on its in-depth know-how and technical skills industrial, R&D, design and marketing. Our teams work hard to supply customers with unique products to meet the needs of our customers.


The people who weave Dickson®'s fabrics today are heirs to an internationally-renowned expertise. They continuously hone millennia-old weaving techniques to produce the finest technical fabrics. Our loom-woven fabrics are a work of astounding detail. A feat of staying power, they are produced by machines that reproduce a million intersecting movements and precision weave kilometers of yarn.


Designed with home improvements in mind, the products developed by Dickson® aim to have the smallest possible impact on the environment. They are included in "new generation" real estate, HQE and LEB programs. To reduce their carbon footprint, Dickson® ensures its products are effective and long-lasting. Most do not require post-manufacturing dyeing - a source of pollution and water consumption.


A benchmark in the field of technical fabrics, Dickson® is a designer and manufacturer, and has mastered the entire production chain for a range of upholstery and industrial fabrics. The quality approach is integral to our corporate philosophy. Each square meter of fabric undergoes a battery of on-site tests.

Thanks to its demanding quality standards, Dickson® guarantees its products for up to 10 years.


All Dickson® products are the fruit of a research and development process. Our aim is to continuously push the boundaries and go beyond what we have already achieved. Our teams use state-of-the-art tools to offer you high-quality fabrics that meet the most demanding customer needs.


All our collections are now designed by our in-house design department. Our team of designers travels the world in search of the latest decoration trends on which to base their future collections. Design is central to Dickson®'s strategy and our expertise in this field adds value for customers.


Aware of sustainable development challenges, Dickson®'s research focuses on the development of new high-performance materials for uses other than awnings. Dickson®'s engineers work all year round in partnership with top international laboratories to develop ever more efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrics.