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Apps tailored to your needs and projects

Dickson® has developed apps for private and business customers to design, imagine, and make the most effective use of its products.

Dickson DesignerDickson Designer

Dickson Designer

Use the Dickson® Designer app to simulate your blind in a few easy steps! Take a photo of the facade of your choice, select the Dickson® canvas product that suits you best and give your home a whole new look !

Dickson Flooring Project

Dickson Flooring Project is a 3D floor configurator that simulates Dickson flooring in a space of your choice. From selecting the layout to the color and range, everything is geared to help create a space that works for you.

Dickson Flooring ProjectDickson Flooring Project
Solar EstimateSolar Estimate

Solar Estimate

Thinking of installing a Dickson® or Sunbrella® solar protection product? Use Dickson®’s Solar Estimate app to calculate your new energy inputs. 

Widget catalog

Create online catalogs of Dickson® & Sunbrella® products for your website. Fast and easy to install, the catalog adapts to your website design for impeccable results!


Widget catalogWidget catalog

Find the right products for your project

Best adapt Dickson® products to your needs using these apps. Many private and business customers have taken full advantage of these tools to surprising effect.