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Apps tailored to your needs and projects

Dickson® has developed apps for private and business customers to design, imagine, and make the most effective use of its products.

Dickson DesignerDickson Designer

Dickson Designer

Use the Dickson® Designer app to simulate your blind in a few easy steps! Take a photo of the facade of your choice, select the Dickson® canvas product that suits you best and give your home a whole new look !

Dickson Flooring Project

Dickson Flooring Project is a 3D floor configurator that simulates Dickson flooring in a space of your choice. From selecting the layout to the color and range, everything is geared to help create a space that works for you.

Dickson Flooring ProjectDickson Flooring Project
Solar EstimateSolar Estimate

Solar Estimate

Thinking of installing a Dickson® or Sunbrella® solar protection product? Use Dickson®’s Solar Estimate app to calculate your new energy inputs. 

Widget catalog

Create online catalogs of Dickson® & Sunbrella® products for your website. Fast and easy to install, the catalog adapts to your website design for impeccable results!


Widget catalogWidget catalog