Make the safe choice - opt for a fire-resistant awning fabric.

Dickson awning fabrics come with lots of guarantees:

  • glare reduction of up to 95%,
  • depending on the colour, 90 to 100% of UV radiation blocked out,
  • a source of shade that will help to limit the greenhouse effect on your terrace,
  • colours impregnated into the very heart of the fibre: all of our fabrics are solution-dyed, guaranteeing excellent colour-fastness under the effects of UV radiation,
  • not to mention the decorative touch they add to a building's façade!

The ALTO FR (Fire Resistant) fireproof range is designed for professionals:

  • people who need to guarantee maximum safety for their customers: the Alto range complies with all fire-retardant safety standards, including M1 (France - NF P 92503/504/505), B1 (Germany - DIN 4102), C1 (Italy - UNI 9176) and M1 (Spain - UNE 23.727-90),
  • to ensure the durability of the fabric, UV absorbers are added to the fibre to enhance its physical resistance and limit the harmful effects of UV radiation,
  • maximum attention paid to appearance: the fibres are worked on under hot-air conditions, helping them to fill out and making them soft to the touch, with a texture similar to cotton,
  • top-of-the-range quality standards: woven 100% in solution-dyed polyester, the fabric is also coated on one side to ensure it performs perfectly over time, as well as offering increased watertightness.

Fire-resistant fibre structure

  • Fibre
  • Polyester molecular chain
  • Numerous phosphorus compounds (modified polyester)

The molecular chain of the fibre is modified, to ensure its fire-resistance. Phosphorus compounds are added makin the fabric fire-resistant right to its heart, throughout its entire working life.

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