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Our Dickson and Sunbrella accessories



Awning fabric braid range

We have developed a range of woven braids to match our acrylic fabrics, so you can achieve a beautiful finish around the edge of the fabric.

Made from 100% Sunacryl, our braid is extremely resistant and is designed to last for many years outdoors.

Awning braids Awning braids



Tex'Aktiv cleaning products Tex'Aktiv cleaning products

Our Tex'Aktiv cleaning products

Thanks to a specific treatment, outdoor fabrics are made water-repellent during production. They are therefore more resistant to water and various types of dirt, which prevents mould from forming.

However, over time, the original treatment can become less effective. It's for this reason that we recommend you regularly clean and treat outdoor fabrics with our Tex'Aktiv Clean and Tex'Aktiv Guard products. This maintenance will keep your textiles in excellent condition and significantly prolong their lifespan!

Marine fabric braid range

The Sunbrella® braid is the benchmark for achieving immaculate and durable finishes. Exclusively woven in solution-dyed acrylic, its V-shape weave gives it a natural fold in the centre, for an easy and intuitive assembly.

Marine braids Marine braids