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Sunbrella® has created the

Woven from recycled materials, designed to last


The first chapter of Endless Stories was written in 2013 with the Heritage range, which was already produced using waste from work-in-progress. Now, with Endless Stories, we've added a new dimension to our commitment to sustainable production. Endless Stories is the first collection of upholstery fabrics made from recycled fibres, designed and produced in France. It is composed of up to 50% recycled fibres from our own production lines.


Heritage range

Raw and charming at the same time, this upholstery textile - the first born of the collection - is considered its foundation. Heritage is made from up to 50% recycled fibres, enabling us to offer unique fabrics. The irregularity of the recycled yarn makes this fabric, highly appreciated since its launch, an authentic material.


Source range

Connoisseurs will note its kinship with our "bestseller" - Natté, a timeless, elemental furnishing classic. We have developed this weave with more grain than Natté. The colour range has been designed to complement that of the Heritage range. 


Harvest range

Harvest is a subtle combination of recycled and looped yarns. This contemporary stripe echoes the fluctuating relief of fields during sowing and harvesting. Available in 4 colours, Harvest blends easily with the rest of the collection.

Slow range

Where elegance and comfort blend to perfection. A weft of looped yarns crosses a warp of recycled yarns. The result is a surface studded with matte pearls evoking budding and blossoming. Available in vegetal and earthy colours, the range is fresh and sophisticated.



On all our production lines, we recover, sort and select by color, waste from the production process: whether it's yarns, selvedges or fabric scraps. 
This precious recycled material is reintegrated into our future productions. And so begin the never-ending stories of our fabrics. The partners in this virtuous circle are all from the Hauts-de-France region.


280 TONS of textile waste generated and reused per year, the majority of which will begin a new life through the Endless Stories collection. 

100% of our acrylic waste is recycled and reused. 

X 2 use of recycled raw materials by 2025.


The collection has been designed to allow unlimited combinations of textures and colors. They blend naturally in a mix-and-match spirit and can even be combined with our standard, non-recycled ranges. The Slow and Harvest ranges are made from recycled and looped yarns. This blend offers a relief appreciated as much for its visual aspect as for the comfort it provides. The recycled nature of the fabrics in the Endless Stories collection allows for slight variations in color between batches. Flamed yarns may occasionally appear, reinforcing the character of our recycled fabrics. 


Designed without hazardous substances and posing no threat to health, skin or the environment, our fabrics are certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, the highest level of safety for textile products. Our products contribute to healthy indoor air and are GREENGUARD GOLD certified. The treatments designed and applied to our products are developed in strict compliance with European REACH regulations. Moreover, Endless Stories is the first collection designed without PFAS (perfluoroalkyl chemicals).  In line with this, all our collections have now switched to this model.


For over 10 years, we've been integrating recycled fibers into our products with the same exacting standards. Indoor, outdoor, on land or at sea, performance is maintained.

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