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As a major player in the sun protection, flooring, interior and exterior upholstery and boating markets, in recent years we have implemented a compliance policy in accordance with our intrinsic values. We believe that to guarantee the long-term future of jobs in the Dickson Group, we must demonstrate impeccable behavior and take action wherever we operate, in partnership with all stakeholders, in order to act responsibly and with integrity.

Several years ago, under the influence of our US shareholder, which is subject to advanced anti-corruption laws, the Dickson Group chose to implement a policy of zero tolerance on corruption and fraud, as well as discrimination and harassment.

Recent legal developments in many countries provided an opportunity to update our existing tools and make our compliance approach more coherent and understandable.

We have thus centralized our compliance policy and implemented a whistleblowing mechanism in line with Sapin II. If you wish to make a whistleblowing claim, please use this form, which provides a step-by-step explanation of why an ethical whistleblowing mechanism is important and the rules to follow in order to obtain protected whistleblower status.

We have annexed the existing code of conduct to the Company Rules, which we have also amended. These rules state that any breach and violation of the values outlined in the code and more generally of the company's values will now be punished accordingly and in compliance with current legislation. You may access the code of conduct in your personal e-dickson space.

To help you decide whether to make a whistleblowing claim, we have put together a glossary describing the various offenses to report under the current legislation and the laws that make them punishable.

Depending on your position at Dickson, you may also be required to sign an annual conflict of interest declaration.

We count on each of you to continue setting the example for others.

Eugène Deleplanque, President