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Outdoor blinds are timeless and can adapt to all styles of décor

Where to install blindsWhere to install blinds

Where to install blinds

These blinds can be installed on any kind of window, whether it looks out onto a balcony or a more open space. They will protect your home from the sun and from prying eyes. Whether installed in front of a window or vertically on a balcony or terrace, they will block out the heat in style, thanks to a wide range of colour choices that will blend in perfectly with your interior design.

For the best thermal protection, the blinds should be installed right next to the glass, preferably on the outside.

Tips for your blinds

With an excellent guide system, outdoor blinds can provide stylish solar protection that resists wind and fits in perfectly with modern architecture.

For your blinds, we recommend:

  • Infinity: a premium, wide fabric (165-200-250-320 cm) with reinforced dimensional stability, for perfect tension stretched in any direction. Available in a wide range of plain colours to adapt to any architectural style.
  • Orchestra: the biggest range on the market, with 173 possible choices, 113 of which are solid colours.

As well as offering discreet, effective protection against the sun's rays, outdoor blinds can be used in tandem with shutters, thanks to their compact size.

We recommend choosing automated blinds, as this optimises their benefits (they close when there is a lot of sunlight) and their longevity (they open when exposed to strong winds).

Tips for your blindsTips for your blinds