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Designer and colourful decorative awning fabrics with a wide range of colours

They are such an important part of the décor that they almost go unnoticed, and yet the streets of Paris, Brussels and Milan would not be the same without the awning fabrics that adorn them. Hotels, restaurants, shops and homes are dressed in colourful fabrics that delight the eyes while exercising their role as excellent heat regulators!

Available in a wide range of on-trend fabrics, awnings combine practicality with beauty.

Varied materials and colors Varied materials and colors

Materials and colours in harmony with their surroundings

The aesthetically-pleasing, stylish new DICKSON SOLAR FABRICS collection reflects the main trends seen in the world of design and architecture and makes the awning the star of the show.

When it comes to its signature ORCHESTRA range, Dickson offers a unique, high-performance collection designed to be in tune with the times:


The expanded palette of bold colours and subtle tones will revitalise the space, provide harmony with the outside world, or express your personality. The fabric will blend in with its associated materials, whether used indoors or outdoors.

The deep colours come to life and are enhanced in natural light.

Authentic textured fabrics

As a response to comfort needs, the fabrics have been made more textured, more rich in effects. When used outside, the fabrics extend our protective cocoon from the inside and reconnect with nature.

Our link fabric, the latest addition to our range of single-colour textured options, is available in 17 brand-new tones, which range from bronzes to deep natural shades and bursts of intense red.

Whether you prefer piqué, flecked, tweed or link, our textured fabrics can adapt to all façades and always fulfil the needs of both individuals and professionals.

Patterned, visually striking and colorful fabrics Patterned, visually striking and colorful fabrics

Contemporary styles with their own identity

These new designs, which are bringing back stripes, have their own identity and will be a breath of fresh air for your project. Sometimes sensible, sometimes lively, these stripes whisk you away to another place, thanks to materials and colours that evoke memories of summer holidays.

Halo, Harmonie, Solstice, Horizon… Any of these styles will have you dreaming of elsewhere.

Minimalist, classic, subtle, even sporty… Which one will you choose?

Jacquard designs in mineral colours, inspired by nature

The new designs in the Opera collection maintain a gentle connection with nature and strike the perfect balance between inside and outside. They are intricate patterns that display masterly technical savoir-faire.

Evoking a refreshing rain shower, a lush forest canopy, even a precious gem – with all the delicate beauty of jewels available in soft, subtle colours – they create a gentle harmony and open up the horizon.

Some tips

So, which colour should you choose for your folding-arm awning? Colours have a huge effect on our well-being and can create a cool, temperate or warm atmosphere. By diffusing the sun’s rays with its fibres, an awning fabric can tint sunlight and modify your perception of the space under the awning, either ‘cooling’ or ‘warming up’ the natural colour of the light.

Blue, for example, will make the light cooler, creating a feeling of calm and freshness. Yellow, meanwhile, will make the light warmer, for a friendly, stimulating ambience.

Finally, white or grey will have little impact on the colour of the light, thus guaranteeing a peaceful, temperate atmosphere.