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Dutch canopies: a unique, decorative canopy

To choose a Dutch canopy is to choose a canopy that is unlike any other.

Its shape and volume have made it a common sight on the outside of shops or hotels in our cities, but it is also suitable for private use, where it will act as a decorative element to enhance your home’s façade.

Mounting your dutch canopy Mounting your dutch canopy

Where to install your Dutch canopy?

A Dutch canopy can be installed with a face mount, top mount or side mount.

Which Dutch canopy to choose?

A wide range of Dutch canopy options are available: fixed or foldable, angular or rounded, for windows or balconies... The retractable models are available with a cord, a crank handle or an electric motor.

Choosing your dutch canopy Choosing your dutch canopy
Dutch canopy fabrics Dutch canopy fabrics

Tips for your Dutch canopy

An awning in its own right, the Dutch canopy must protect against both sun and bad weather. We recommend fabrics that are waterproof and resistant to UV rays: Orchestra, Max, Infinity.