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Fixed awnings: the ideal protection for professional spaces

Fixed awnings are the preferred solar protection option for professional spaces. They can dress a shop entrance, for example, while protecting it against sunlight and the weather.

Where to install your fixed awningWhere to install your fixed awning

Where to install your fixed awning?

Fixed awnings are to be installed outdoors in front of an entrance to a shop, café, restaurant, etc. Unlike many other awnings, fixed awnings are not retractable: their structure stays put, regardless of the weather.

Tips for your fixed awning

For your fixed awning, we recommend:

  • Orchestra: the biggest range on the market, with more than 173 designs, 113 of which are solid colours
  • Infinity: the premium solution, available in large widths (165-200-250-320 cm)
  • Max: the extra-waterproof fabric available in 28 solid colours
Tips for your fixed awningTips for your fixed awning