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Outdoor conservatory awnings: for keeping the heat in during the winter and out in the summer

If you have a conservatory, getting an exterior conservatory awning is a no-brainer. As well as allowing you to regulate the temperature inside all year round (thanks to the fabric's insulating and filtering properties), it will protect you and your furniture from harmful UV rays. Thanks to the motorised system, you can open and close the awning easily according to the weather: strong winds, sun, high temperatures, etc.

Where to install your conservatory awningWhere to install your conservatory awning

Where to install your conservatory awning

Though we generally recommended installing it on the outside for optimal solar protection, you may need to install it inside, due to your conservatory's exposure to strong winds or its architecture. In this case, the awning will consist of an interior velum or canopy on a rail made with fabric compatible with your conservatory's sun exposure.

Which conservatory awning to choose

As for the installation, your conservatory's structure, architecture, dimensions and degree of exposure will determine which type of awning is possible: exterior (folding-arm awning, velum, etc.) or interior (sliding on rails, made up of several units, etc.).

Tip: Go for an automated awning: it will make your life easier, especially if it is difficult to access.

Which conservatory awning to chooseWhich conservatory awning to choose
The components of a conservatory awningThe components of a conservatory awning

The components of a conservatory awning

1. Cassette

2. Roller tube

3. Motor

4. Fabric

5. Runners

6. Bottom rail

Tips for your conservatory awningTips for your conservatory awning

Tips for your conservatory awning

For your conservatory awning, we recommend:

  • Orchestra, the biggest range on the market, with 173 possible choices, 113 of which are plain colours.
  • Infinity, a premium, wide fabric (165-200-250-320 cm) with reinforced dimensional stability.