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The velum: the stylish sun protection solution

The pergola velum, just like the fixed, taut pergola canopy, is made up of a frame and fabric that provides solar protection. The main difference between these two stylish options is that the pergola velum retracts like an accordion to change the atmosphere on your terrace in the blink of an eye.

Where to install your pergola velumWhere to install your pergola velum

Where to install your pergola velum

A pergola velum is the ideal solution for protecting your conservatory or pergola from the sun and bad weather. The velum's unique feature is that it retracts in a concertina shape, so that you can adjust how much heat and light comes in. The manoeuvre, which is carried out horizontally using transoms, carriages and runners, ensures the perfect tension when the canopy is deployed. When folded up, the velum takes up no more than 25 cm of space.

Velums are ideal for protecting you from UV rays and sunlight in the summer, whether on a terrace or at the side of a swimming pool.

With the fabric folded up in the winter, as much light as possible can shine through and there will be nothing blocking the view from your home.

Which pergola velum to choose

The fabric you choose for your velum will determine the performance and style of your conservatory or pergola. The material must be selected carefully according to your comfort needs and your existing interior and exterior décor, so that it ensures a harmonious finish.

Extra comfort can be added by choosing a motorised version, which can be controlled by your smart home system for maximum efficiency.

Which model to choose?Which model to choose?
Which model to choose?Which model to choose?

Tips for your pergola velum

For your velum, we recommend:

  • Orchestra: the biggest range on the market, with more than 173 designs, 113 of which are plain colours
  • Max: the extra-waterproof fabric available in 28 solid colours