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Dickson’s mission : enhancing everyday comfort, indoors and outdoors.

Awning fabrics are a highly effective solution to control light and temperatures indoors. They enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of our homes. This passive and dynamic technical solution naturally reduces the need for air-conditioning. Effective, long-lasting, it helps reducing temperatures inside homes to limit the use of air-conditioning.

-7°C this is the average reduction in temperature of a room fitted with an external awning during warm weather.

SWK6 - Blocking out up to 94% of heat

By blocking out up to 94% of heat, SWK6 acts like a natural cooling system, preserving energy resources and limiting the need for air conditioning. This screen fabric controls the amount of sunlight coming in, to improve users' thermal comfort and well-being.

SPARK - A flame-retardant awning fabric

Dickson has developed a flame-retardant awning fabric for public buildings, SPARK. Spark is a Dickson awning fabric designed for professional use and certified compliant with key international flame-retardant standards. The recognized properties of Dickson fabrics remain unchanged.