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How do I repair the Dickson fabric on my folding arm awning?

Your folding arm awning has a high-quality woven fabric, but external elements (wind, hail, pollution), can damage it by causing mini holes or tears. In this case, we recommend you take action as soon as possible to repair or have your awning fabric repaired before it tears further, and the damage is difficult to salvage.

Repair the fabric on your folding arm awning as quickly as possible

You have spotted a hole or tear in your folding arm awning fabric; you need to act quickly to prevent the tear from getting bigger! This is because the pull of the mechanical arms on the fabric, the wind and using the awning can cause the tear to grow and will become very difficult to hide, making your folding arm awning fabric even more fragile.

If your fabric has a small tear or snag, it will be relatively easy to repair it yourself. On the other hand, a long tear, close to a seam and/or an area of tension will require the intervention of a professional, and this applies both to manual crank awnings and to electric or remote-control roller awnings.

Please note! Before any sewing repairs are carried out, the fabric must be dismantled, remembering to immobilise the arms to avoid the spring effect. As this operation can be tricky, we recommend getting a professional in. However, if you want to do it yourself, you will find instructions on how to dismantle the awning in our article: How do I change folding arm awning fabric?

Sew up the seams of your folding arm awning

Does your folding arm awning fabric have some weaknesses in the seams (connectors between the strips, pelmet)? Don't wait to repair. With a little patience and skill, you can sew them yourself.


You must use a very strong and sharp sewing needle, as awning fabrics are thick and hard to sew. You should also use gloves to avoid injury and a UV-resistant thread. If you use normal thread, it won’t withstand the sun’s heat or bad weather for long.

The Ténara and Sérabond brands have very good quality threads that are ideal for repairing your awning fabric. Also consider sewing on the reverse side so that the stitches are as discreet as possible! Next, it's your turn for the patient little dots...

Sewing up the seams Sewing up the seams

Clean thoroughly once a year

In addition to regular dry cleaning, Dickson recommends a more thorough cleaning of your fabric once a year. Although easy to do, this operation can also be entrusted to a professional as part of a maintenance contract. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your Dickson approved blind manufacturer or the reseller nearest you.

To work safely, always follow these basic rules:

  • Don't work on windy days
  • Ensure your safety: use a ladder or stepladder and always place them on a steady surface
  • Prepare all equipment before the work.
  • Choose a wind-free, warm and sunny spring day. Above all, keep an eye on the weather, as it will need to remain nice to allow your awning to dry after washing it and restoring its water repellency.

Use a repair patch for your folding arm awning

If your folding arm awning fabric is relatively new, you can order the same fabric and glue the piece to the damaged area with a suitable adhesive. Like a patch, the piece of fabric is glued over the hole or tear and is almost invisible because its tone on tone. This is often easier than sewing and an intermediate solution that avoids replacing the fabric.


Several adhesives may be suitable, but the strength of the bond will depend on the stresses placed on the fabric. We recommend avoiding repairs in areas of tension in the fabric: varying degrees of tension, wind and bad weather can all affect the effectiveness of the repair.

Therefore be careful to choose adhesives that are water and UV resistant and to glue your fabric delicately without overflowing to avoid glue marks that could yellow in the sun and stain the fabric. You will find this type of adhesive at a blind manufacturer or in large DIY stores.

repair patch repair patch
repair your awning fabric repair your awning fabric

Have your awning fabric repaired by a professional

If the tear is long, or if your fabric is damaged in several places, we recommend that you call in a professional blind manufacturer to repair your awing fabric. They will be able to carry out a complete diagnosis of your awning, service it if necessary and find the solution to repair or replace your fabric.

If re-interfacing is necessary (i.e. changing the fabric of the folding arm awning), you should know that this is a durable, aesthetic and relatively economical solution for replacing a damaged awning fabric. All you have to do is change the fabric, keeping the hinged arms, the motor, the box and all the fixed parts of your folding arm awning.

It's also the chance to modernise your patio by treating yourself to a new awning fabric that is more contemporary or more in keeping with your interior decor. Take advantage of the advice of your blind manufacturer, who will be able to draw up an accurate quote and answer all your questions without any problem.

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