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choose pergola fabric choose pergola fabric

How to choose a pergola fabric?

So, you want to add some extra living space to your home and have decided to install a pergola on your terrace or in your garden. Now, it is time to select the fabric that will cover your pergola. To help you to choose the right model for you, we have put together a brief guide to the fabric roofs available for your pergola.


choose pergola structure choose pergola structure

Choose the fixed structure of your pergola beforehand

The fabric you need will largely depend on the structure of your pergola and its material:

  • Wooden pergola
  • Wrought iron, aluminium, steel or cast iron pergola
  • PVC pergola

Only a professional will be able to help you to choose a fabric compatible with the envisaged structure. They will take your space and the region you live in into account.

Why opt for a fabric pergola?

Advantages of choosing a fabric pergola roof:

  • Lightweight, breathable solution
  • Different technical fabric qualities available for custom protection
  • Wide range of colours to choose from for a stylish finish
  • Possibility of combining with vertical blinds or curtains to protect the sides
  • Easy-installation, simple-to-use roof that can be dismantled
  • Affordable investment

Rules to follow when you have a fabric pergola roof:

  • Dismantle the pergola roof over the winter and store it in a dry place after cleaning it, or ask a Dickson-approved awning manufacturer to maintain it
  • Choose a high-quality fabric that protects against UV rays and is resistant to the elements: wind, rain, hail, etc.
why pergola fabric why pergola fabric

The different types of pergola covers in fabrics

Pergola with fixed stretch fabric

The fabric is usually kept taut with elastic cords attached to or rolled up on the pergola's frame. This system is easy to set up and dismantle as the seasons change. This type of pergola fabric is also suitable for windy regions, as the elastic cords absorb the energy from the wind and prevent the fabric from flapping all the time.

Pergola with retractable roof or velum

Velum canopies retract like an accordion, leaving the pergola roof open. The fabric takes up little space when folded up. Pergola velums can also be water-resistant or entirely waterproof, depending on the fabric you choose. Dickson's MAX and SWK TOP fabrics have undergone a specific treatment to make them rain-resistant. The fabric can be unfurled and retracted manually or the system can be mechanised for better user comfort, with an electronic button or even a remote control.

Pergola roller shade

This pergola roof works like a folding-arm awning, as it can be retracted and unfurled whenever you want automatically: you just open it when you want more sun protection or when the sun is bright. You can adjust the amount of shade on your terrace easily.

Which Dickson fabrics to choose for your pergola?


Orchestra: a wide variety of colours and designs makes this fabric one of the leading solar protection fabrics. Orchestra protects against heat, UV rays, glare and minor bad weather. Solution-dyed acrylic makes this range highly fade-resistant, while the CleanGard treatment protects the fabrics against dirt and pollution.


Infinity: this fabric is available in large widths (165-200-250-320 cm) and is the premium solution for all solar protection systems. Made from solution-dyed acrylic with Dickson Resilient System technology, Infinity performs the same regardless of the direction in which it is installed. Available in widths of up to 320 cm, this fabric provides a highly stylish look for your pergola.


Max: the Max range of fabrics are coated in a colourless treatment on one side that makes them entirely waterproof and ideal for a pergola roof! These fabrics also offer excellent protection against the heat and UV rays, and their colours will not fade over time.

SWK6 and SWK 15

SWK6, SWK ZIP and SWK15 micro-perforated fabrics: these perforated fabrics offer excellent visual and thermal comfort and great ventilation, as they are breathable. SWK ZIP is particularly recommended for large ZIP vertical blinds. These three fabrics provide optimum protection against heat, glare and UV rays.


SWK TOP micro-perforated fabric: the translucent, waterproof solution for your pergola roof. Thanks to its large width and innovative finish with enhanced UV resistance, SWK TOP provides effective and long-lasting protection from the sun and rain, as well as being easy to care for.

Most of these fabrics come with a 10-year warranty, but they can last even longer, depending on their surroundings and how well you look after them. If you follow the instructions and clean it regularly, your pergola fabric will provide a shaded area in your outdoor space for many years to come.

pergola curtains pergola curtains

Curtains and blinds for pergola

For even more protection against the sun and the heat, you can add side protection, with blinds or curtains that match the pergola roof or in a contrasting tone. Pergola blinds are easy to open and close and modular, which makes them easy to use day to day.

Pergola curtains, meanwhile, are popular thanks to their lightweight, fluid finish and suitability for outdoor use. They are also treated to resist UV rays and the elements.

The Natté and Velum ranges are available in a range of shades, so that you can enhance your terrace and make it a real living area all year round.

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