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Inspiration's type : Projects Published at: 2024-04-03

In an era where well-being at work has become an imperative for productivity and employee satisfaction, office design is of paramount importance. With this in mind, architect Caroline Blancpain has undertaken an ambitious project to reinvent the workspace within the Figaro building on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris.  

One of the aims of this transformation is to make the cafeteria a key meeting place, where employees can get together in a friendly, relaxing setting, encouraging informal exchanges and strengthening links between the various departments.

To achieve this objective, Caroline Blancpain designed a completely redesigned cafeteria, harmoniously combining comfort, brightness and softness. As soon as they enter, employees are welcomed into a space bathed in natural light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Dickson Woven Floooring vinyl floors (Mirage Shell J554 and Mirage Sépia J555) were selected by the architect to furnish the 160m² living space.  

Architect : AMI Conseil
Photo credits : Edwin Cohas
Interior designer: Caroline Blancpain

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