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Save energy: choose sun protection


Save energy: choose sun protection


Published on 2020-07-16 - Products
Solar protection - SWK6

There are lots of ways to save money on your electricity or gas bills throughout the year. Although finding the right energy provider is a good place to start, there are some less obvious options that can also make a big difference. One particularly effective solution is an awning, which can significantly reduce your energy consumption, depending on the model and how you use it. What’s more, since 2002, awnings have been included on the European Parliament’s list of energy-saving solutions. Read on for more information.

Use the sun to your advantage

Sun protection fabrics are known to protect against light and UV rays, but can also absorb, reflect, or transmit heat.

Used in the right way, awning fabrics can lower room temperatures, and depending on the fabric and colour you choose, either brighten or darken your interiors. This can save you energy by reducing the need for air-conditioning.

économie d'énergie économie d'énergie

Save money by screening at the right time of day

When you use a Sunworker screen for your windows, it is easy to save energy by extending or retracting it at the right time of day. Lower your awning in hot weather for cooler interiors and retract it at night to air your room with a flow of cool air. In winter, keep your screen retracted to conserve warmth and reduce the need for radiators.

Home automation can also help lower your power bills. Opening and closing awnings at certain times, as mentioned above, can significantly reduce energy consumption. In fact, an intelligent home automation system can cut your bills by up to 10%. Although automation can be costly, depending on the equipment you choose, aids and subsidies are available to reduce your initial investment.

So remember, make the most of the sun to save energy all year round!

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