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Sunbrella: Launch of a new collaboration with La Redoute Intérieurs


Sunbrella: Launch of a new collaboration with La Redoute Intérieurs


Published on 2020-11-06 - Products

La Redoute Intérieurs has chosen to join forces with our Sunbrella® brand and showcase its Rio range, which is characterised by its small, comfortable seats with vintage lines.


The collection's two-seater sofa and armchair are finished with Sunbrella® fabrics

Two colourful graphic fabrics have been developed collectively to create trendy pieces that reflect the image of each brand. The first jacquard was created from one of La Redoute Intérieurs flagship designs: the Milton floral pattern. The second, Origami, is a Sunbrella® creation, a nod to the retro spirit of the seats and the geometric, even hypnotic influences of the 1960s. Playing on the design of the furniture and the texture of the fabrics, the Rio range has been restyled to add a touch of creativity to interiors. Other plain fabrics co-ordinate with these new jacquards in a simpler and timeless atmosphere: ecru, Prussian blue and anthracite grey.


Quality, performance and design sum up this exclusive collection perfectly

This collaboration arose from a common desire to create elegant and innovative furniture which can adapt to new lifestyles and to all situations, even delicate ones.

The Rio sofa and armchair, designed by the style teams at La Redoute Intérieurs, have been practically designed, so they are suitable for both small and large living areas.

Sunbrella® fabrics, which are known as high-performance fabrics, are dyed to the very core of the fibre. They are water-repellent, stain-resistant and can be washed with a sponge. This means that they stand the test of time, they are resistant to the hazards of everyday life and do not fade when exposed to UV light, even indoors.

100% Made in France

This new collaboration also showcases the quality and know-how of French production. Sunbrella® fabrics are designed and woven in Wasquehal, near Lille, in the Dickson Constant factory. The Rio seats are made to order, in France, in the Finot factory, near Bourges.

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