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Creation of the C.A.P.E.B Rhône VIP area


Creation of the C.A.P.E.B Rhône VIP area


Published on 2020-12-04 - Company
Woven flooring - Cosmos

In order to rethink its new premises, CAPEB Rhône Alpes called on the new Dickson Woven Flooring collection to cover its 150m² of floor space on the 6th floor and to offer its visitors a most convivial and stylish environment. In collaboration with the interior designer, Corinne Faivre (Corinne Faivre S.A.S), the challenge was to use our woven vinyl flooring to create the lounge area on the top floor of this 10,000m² building.

Discover the interview and the return of Corinne Faivre, comments collected by Vincent Déchaud, Chargé d'Affaires et Prescription Dickson Sud Est :



VD: How did you hear about DICKSON?

CF: Via the Capeb following samples deposited by a member during the preparation of the project.

On the project there was a demand for a strong visual identity with colour elements to be in harmony with a modern, concrete, contemporary and rather masculine atmosphere.

My aim was to build a scenario by mixing this demand with soft tones and harmonies enhanced and accentuated by the curves of the bar or the seating area and by adding a semi-transparent foliage wall decoration with the rough concrete effect.



What about the floor in the project?

The floor plays its part in this harmony by bringing movement both through the discreet Jacquard pattern of the model and through the 3D effect in the assembly of the triangular shapes proposed by the Shape Lab Dickson offer.

Warm and soft lighting completes the ensemble in this space bathed in strong natural light from both East and West during the day.

The floor from this point of view allows the importance given to light on the site to be restored. It is the floor that is the connecting element between the different windows and the walls of the space. Depending on the time of day and the position in the room, the Dickson floor shows different aspects and accentuates the resilience effect of the light on the opposing warp and weft threads, giving it a "lounge" feel.

shape lab dickson shape lab dickson

Le Manta



Why did you choose this colour and this COSMOS design from the new Dickson Woven Flooring collection?

The woven look gives a warm and very airy feel with the undulations of the Jacquard pattern.

The 3D effect also creates a kind of animation between the different elements of fixed or mobile furniture, such as the bar, benches and meeting table that transforms into a billiard table at the end of the day for example.

There is a desire to make this place an elegant space that starts as soon as you enter the first floor with your eyes resting on the floor that invites you to continue with a discovery of the whole room at a glance.



What were your impressions after the installation of the DICKSON floor?

First of all, choosing a product design from a catalogue and small samples is never easy. And here I must say that what convinced the CAPEB management was the implementation of a mini test area for validation. The product laid on the floor in real size with the assembly of the triangular shapes gives off a magical effect with changes in atmosphere and subtle nuances depending on the angle of view and the time of day!

In conclusion, what do you remember?

A beautiful discovery of DICKSON woven vinyl floors, supported by the technical recommendations of the installation company (Dickson Expert Installer in Lyon) and the commercial support and advice from Dickson throughout the project. And above all, the unique 3D effect proposed by DICKSON which made it possible to create a unique space!

Le Manta

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