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Check out Agnès’ testimonial: she chose a Dickson awning to enjoy her terrace at any time of the day


Customer testimonial - Agnès talks about her Dickson awning and its benefits


Published on 2022-04-14 - Products

When she moved house, “it was a no-brainer” for Agnès to fit a Dickson awning fabric on her new terrace to enjoy its charm and comfort.

It’s a decision that has had an extremely positive impact on her everyday comfort: she can now sit on her terrace during the day as well as in the evening, whether it is sunny or rainy. Even during the heatwave, she was able to keep the inside of her house cool with her awning.

“If I were to recommend it to a friend, I would say it is very easy to install, easy to use and it really lets you get the most out of your garden.” Now she no longer has to keep moving, setting up and storing her parasol: with a simple remote control, her awning unfolds quickly and silently, which means she can enjoy her terrace like it’s an extra room in her house!

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