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Dickson Constant will be at Workspace Expo !


Dickson Constant will be at Workspace Expo !


Published on 2021-09-21 - Events
Solar protection - SWK6

Dickson-Constant participe en tant qu'exposant au salon Workspace Expo qui se tiendra à Paris du 05 au 07 octobre prochain !

Three product categories will be on offer:

Dickson Woven Flooring

Woven vinyl flooring. A true technical innovation developed for the most demanding public environments, Dickson flooring is durable, comfortable, easy to maintain and stylish. It withstands heavy commercial traffic (class 33) and has unique acoustic capabilities (18 dB).


Sunworker screen fabrics are the economical, environmentally friendly and designer solution to effectively meet the latest standards in force in building and designing living spaces. Sunworker fabrics are perfect for use as both interior and exterior vertical blinds. They allow you to maintain visual contact with the outside world, while regulating the supply of light and heat within the building. Sunworker fabrics are available in several openness coefficients (0, 6, 15%), ranging from high luminous flux to total light obscuration.


As an acoustic solution, the SWK6 micro-perforated fabric, with or without absorbent, achieves optimum performance in most installation conditions (wall coverings, stretch ceilings, horizontal and vertical panels). SWK6, which is fully printable, Greenguard Gold A+ and fire retardant certified, is particularly recommended for exterior and interior living spaces.

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