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Dickson relaunches its For All Those campaign


Dickson relaunches its For All Those campaign


Published on 2022-02-28 - Company
Solar protection

Dickson is taking advantage of the upcoming spring to relaunch its For All Those campaign, for the third year in a row. This entirely digital campaign aims to promote its awning fabrics, pergolas and shade sails as well as their main benefits, so that those who catch the sun can enjoy their outdoor spaces without fearing the sun or light rain.

Dickson solar fabrics are a beautiful and comfortable solution for blocking the sun: they protect against heat and block up to 100% of UV rays. They regulate light but also interior temperature, making the terrace a real extra room that you can enjoy spending time in.

In addition, Dickson fabrics are a real barrirer to water. Water-repellent, they resist the penetration of water and make it posisble to prolong the moments of outdoor life even in the event of light rain.

Easy to maintain, simply cleaning with water is enough to remove dust, leaves and pollution residues from our fabrics. Protecting your fabric from strong winds and heavy rain will make sure you keep it in its original condition for a long time.

With simple but regular maintenance, our fabrics retain their colour vibrancy and can remain intact for a long time. They are therefore an integral part of the decoration, bringing charm and personality to outdoor spaces.

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