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Collaboration with Romain Costa - Interior designer & influencer


Collaboration with Romain Costa - Interior designer & influencer


Published on 2021-11-25 - Products
Solar protection

We are delighted to share with you our collaboration with Romain Costa, Founder of Costa-Bonnamour Architectures and Influencer.

From his childhood in the north of France to the creation of his Parisian architecture firm, Romain Costa has established himself as one of the most influential architects of the moment.

Passionate about art, constantly on the move and curious about everything, Romain had already been familiar with our products for about ten years, through his work as an architect.

During his visit to our factory at the beginning of November, he was able to discover what goes on behind the scenes of our production and to understand our different technical and artisanal expertises!

A visit that he found "fascinating", and that he will share with you through different publications on his instagram account.

To follow him, please visit @romaincosta_

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