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Dickson Woven Flooring is exhibiting at Depliages !


Dickson Woven Flooring is exhibiting at Depliages !


Published on 2021-09-23 - Events
Woven flooring

For the start of the 2021 school year, lille-design invites you to discover design through the know-how of regional companies at the Dépliages exhibition, hosted by the Hauts-de-France region.


This exhibition is built around in-depth descriptions of items and services designed exclusively by companies in Hauts-de-France. It invites the public to discover the inner workings and tools of designers at work on our everyday items, through a selection recently marketed or potential products/services.


How do designers play a role in the company's ecosystem? How does design fit into the innovation strategy? Between observing uses, understanding the industrial process, design approach...


As part of its partnership with lille-design, the Hauts-de-France region is hosting the Dépliages exhibition on three of its sites: Lille, Méaulte and Amiens. Open to all, the aim of this exhibition is to raise awareness among residents, companies, economic players and local authority officers of the impact of design on our daily lives. The objective is also to publicise the design training courses available in Hauts-de-France and to put the various players in question in touch with one another. With Dépliages, you will know everything about corporate Made in Hauts-de-France design!

Focus sur le Dickson Woven Flooring

Originally a benchmark in the awning fabric market, Dickson Constant has invested in its innovation departments - Research & Development, Design and Marketing - to diversify and expand its activity to all technical textiles dedicated to home improvement.

Dickson flooring is the result of an assembly of vinyl underlay which guarantees high performance. Among other things, it is designed to increase comfort and sound absorption. What's more, Dickson flooring is manufactured with the Frayguard® method, which ensures clean, crisp cuts without plasticisers or other disputed substances. On an aesthetic level, Dickson Woven Flooring is woven on a Jacquard loom, which results in a wide range of patterns and textures. Therefore vinyl flooring provides a wide range of possible layouts and increases the combination options for architects and designers.

The work of the Dickson textile designer mainly focuses on the visible part of the floor: they design the colour range of the raw material, the patterns, the textures, the weave combinations, the colour of the woven material, the shapes and the tile assemblies. Internally, they work together with the company's various departments to present proposals that meet market needs, and which are consistent with tools and techniques used in manufacturing. Externally, the textile designer works with customers to help them choose items and layouts.

Not-to-be-missed events

  • From 21 September to 22 October 2021


Hauts-de-France region

151 Av. du Président Hoover, 59000 Lille

Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm - free admission


  • From 02 to 26 November 2021



Zone Aéropole de Picardie, 1 rue Roger Janin, 80300 Méaulte

Monday-Friday 8.00am-7.00pm


  • From 02 to 21 December 2021


Germain Bleuet site

4 rue Germain Bleuet, 80000 Amiens



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